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Rescue Me ID: 17-01-21-00313Bearded Dragon (male)

Reptile/Amphibian    Age: Young Adult

    I rescued this guy about a month ago and he is now in perfect health. He loves roaches and greens. He is a little sassy when being picked up but calms down quickly. He comes with his whole set up; 60+ gallon tank, black table with shelves and cabinets perfect for storing his extra items, all of his lights, fixtures, timers, thermostats and other tank accessories not shown in the picture.

 Adoption Fee: $100 Animal Location:

Travis County Austin, TX MAP IT!

Haleigh Gutierrez 2813238320

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Rescue Me ID: 16-10-23-00441Red eared sliders

Reptile/Amphibian    Age: Adult

    Help! 2 red eared sliders in need of a good home. My daughter is no longer at home, and I cannot afford to take care of them anymore. They are 10 inches long, so they need a large tank. I have a filter system, basking dock, heat lamp, and food. Unfortunately the tank I had them in broke.

     Animal Location:

Harris County Humble, TX MAP IT!

Kathy Shillings 2818524797

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Rescue Me ID: 16-10-14-00171Red Eared Slider

Reptile/Amphibian    Age: Young Adult

    I have two red-eared slider turtles I am looking to re-home for a small fee. We have had them for 3 years and unable to properly care for them with all the necessities they need. I am looking for someone who is willing to welcome them in their home.

 Adoption Fee: $40 Animal Location:

Tarrant County Fort Worth, TX MAP IT!

Stephanie Rodriguez 682-597-5690

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Rescue Me ID: 16-10-08-00394Bearded Dragon (male)

Reptile/Amphibian    Age: Adult

    Petey is an adult bearded dragon. He can be handled, but needs to be worked with more. He is fond of roaches and worms, but not very fond of his veggies. Petey comes with custom built cage and all dragon related items I have. We are soon to welcome a new baby and wish to find him an experienced home that will love him and spend time with him.

 Adoption Fee: $100 Animal Location:

Navarro County Corsicana, TX MAP IT!

Whitney Hawk

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Rescue Me ID: 16-10-08-00197Ball Python (female)

Reptile/Amphibian    Age: Young Adult

    This is Holley I have recently rescued her from a dangerous situation when she she first arrived she had scale rot on about 80% of her body, and was kept in a ten gallon aquarium with out any sources of heat and a small bowl of water. As you can see she is 100% heals and ready for a new home, she has trust issues with new people but with regular handling sessions she does great. If you have any further questions feel free to message me or text: (281)435-7315

     Animal Location:

Denton County Little Elm, TX MAP IT!

Amver Burt 2814357315

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Rescue Me ID: 16-09-24-00298Geckos

Reptile/Amphibian    Age: Young Adult

    I am looking to rehome my lepoard and fat tailed geckos. I have several and dont have the time to give them the care that they need anymore. The asking price will be donated to a local animal shelter.

 Adoption Fee: $3000 Animal Location:

Llano County Kingsland, TX MAP IT!

Barbara Jackson 2542913719

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Animal ID: 16-08-19-00197bearded dragon

Reptile/Amphibian    Age: Adult

    Comes with terrarium and all accessories included in adoption fee (animal free, basically). Need adopted by August 29. Moving, and new home does not allow this pet. 5-6 years old (not sure, but was adopted 4 years ago from first owner who had from birth for 1-2 years). Seems healthy but we don't have knowledge to judge for sure. Not trained or socialized.

 Adoption Fee: $200 Animal Location:

Collin County McKinney, TX MAP IT!

Lauren Hultquist 2146068041

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Rescue Me ID: 16-08-15-00477Box turtle (male)

Reptile/Amphibian    Age: Baby

    Hand raised, 2 year old box turtle. Born in captivity & is not eligible for release.

 Adoption Fee: $25.00 Animal Location:

Brazoria County Rosharon, TX MAP IT!

Debbie Hermann

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Rescue Me ID: 16-06-21-00719corn snakes (female)

Reptile/Amphibian    Age: Adult

    She's about 4 years old, can be fiesty. She is a charcoal.

 Adoption Fee: $30 Animal Location:

Tarrant County north Richland hills, TX MAP IT!

becca v 6786137905

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Rescue Me ID: 16-06-21-00715corn snakes (male)

Reptile/Amphibian    Age: Adult

    He's around 4 years old. very easy going.

 Adoption Fee: $30 Animal Location:

Tarrant County north Richland hills, TX MAP IT!

becca v 6786137905

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Rescue Me ID: 16-06-09-00135Snake

Reptile/Amphibian    Age: Young Adult

    Suriname Red Tail Boa, 4 years old, over 7 foot. Needs extra large enclosure and someone that knows how to care for him. He is a very beautiful and healthy snake.

 Adoption Fee: $100 Animal Location:

Lubbock County Lubbock, TX MAP IT!

Crystal Riley

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Rescue Me ID: 16-06-08-00080Lizard (male)

Reptile/Amphibian    Age: Adult

    3 1/2 year old Asian Water Monitor needs more room to explore.

 Adoption Fee: $250 Animal Location:

Guadalupe County Cibolo, TX 78108 MAP IT!

Lori Carter 2109287127

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Animal ID: 16-05-24-00341Red Tail Boa (female)

Reptile/Amphibian    Age: Adult

    Rebel is roughly 10ft. Somewhat docile. Very active and sweet. We have had her for 11 years. She needs to be with a center or person who is capable of taking care of her properly.

 Adoption Fee: $25 Animal Location:

Montgomery County Magnolia, TX 77354 MAP IT!

Bambi Robinson 8327979396

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Rescue Me ID: 16-05-06-00383Red eared slider turtl

Reptile/Amphibian    Age: Young Adult

    2 year old red eared slider. Healthy, just has outgrown my tank. Shell is about 5 inches.

     Animal Location:

Denton County Denton, TX MAP IT!

MJ French

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PIease Read Before Adopting Reptiles & More in Texas
    Reptiles & More can make good pets in Texas if they match your IifestyIe. Reptiles are interesting animals. Many types of reptiles and amphibians are kept as exotic pets. Snakes, turtles, iguanas, and frogs are popular examples. Keeping a reptile as a pet is a tremendous responsibility. Many reptile owners discover that owning a reptile is not as rewarding as they had hoped. Reptiles do not bond with people the way mammals can, and are sometimes neglected for that reason. Also, many people purchase young, small reptiles without being aware of or prepared for their eventual adult size. For example, Burmese Pythons are often bought as pets when they are about two feet long. However, many do not realize that Burmese Pythons are among the largest snakes in the world, with adults averaging 23 feet in length and weighing hundreds of pounds! There is now an established invasive population of Burmese Pythons in Florida due to pet owners releasing the snakes into the wild. Scientists believe these huge snakes will keep spreading out and will one day inhabit one third of the United States! Some owners are not prepared for the long lifespan of a pet reptile. Some species of turtles are known for their extreme longevity. Iguanas can grow to be six feet long and then live for 20 years. Sadly, many captive reptiles suffer from dehydration and kidney problems, poor nutrition, and all other manner of neglect. A person who is truly ready to commit to a reptile pet can alleviate some suffering by adopting an animal rather than purchasing new.

Rescue Me! - HeIpingAnimaIs in Need.
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    The word Reptile comes from the Latin Repere, which means to creep.

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Dallas County - Carrollton, Texas 75011
SNYP (Spay/Neuter Your Pet) 214-349-SNYP

Denton County - Flower Mound, TX 75027
Animal Rescue League 972-420-0641

Denton County - Flower Mound, TX 75028
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Denton County - Lewisville 75029
Animal Mobile Medical Services 940-686-0134

Collin County - McKinney, Texas 75070
SPCA of Texas Perry Spay/Neuter Clinic 214-742-7722

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Kaufman County Animal Awareness Program 972-472-3500

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SPCA of Texas Martin 214-742-7722

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KittiCo Spay/Neuter Clinic Dallas 214-826-6903

Dallas County - Dallas 75220
Kittico's Community Cares 214-826-6903

Dallas County - Dallas, Texas 75224
SPCA of Texas Village Fair 214-742-7722

Dallas County - Dallas, TX 75227
Dallas Animal Services 214-670-8246

Dallas County - Dallas 75229
Spay Neuter Your Pet 214-349-7697

Dallas County - Dallas 75240
Feral Friends 972-671-0429

Dallas County - Dallas 75379
Help For Helpless Animals 972-424-4860

Gregg County - Longview 75605
SNIP-PETS 903-753-7387

Johnson County - Cleburne 76033
Cleburne Animal Shelter 817 648 0650

Tarrant County - Azle 76098
Azle Animal Shelter Humane Association 866-310-7387

Tarrant County - Fort Worth, TX 76103
Humane Society of North Texas 817-332-4768

Tarrant County - Fort Worth, Texas 76120
KittiCo Spay/Neuter Shuttle 214-826-6903

Denton County - Denton, TX 76201
Texas Coalition for Animal Protection 940-566-5551

Denton County - Denton, Texas 76202
Humane Society 940-382-PETS

Denton County - Roanoke 76262
North Texas Spay Neuter Coalition 877-FIX-SPOT

Denton County - Roanoke 76262
Metroport Humane Society 817-491-9499

Wichita County - Wichita Falls, Texas 76305
Humane Society of Wichita County 940-855-4941

Bell County - Temple, TX 76503
Assn. for a Pet Adoption Center 254-298-5732

McLennan County - Waco 76710
Animal Birth Control Clinic 254-776-7303

McLennan County - Waco, Texas 76710
Waco Humane Society 254-399-9883

Brown County - Brownwood 76801
Corinne T Smith Animal Center 325-646-0617

Tom Green County - San Angelo 76905
Humane Society of Tom Green County 325-653-8056

Harris County - Houston, Texas 77007
Fund for Animals 281-863-0010

Harris County - Houston 77007
Texas State Animal Friendly Account 713-862-3863

Harris County - Houston, TX 77007
SNAP Houston Surgery Clinic 713-863-0010

Harris County - Houston 77024
Houston SPCA Spay and Neuter Clinic 713-869-7722

Harris County - Houston, TX 77053
Houston Humane Society Clinic 713-433-6421

Harris County - Houston 77079
The Greater Good 281-496-5983

Harris County - Houston, Texas 77244
Spay/Neuter Assistance Program 713-522-2337

Harris County - Houston 77245
Houston Humane Society 713-433-6453

Harris County - Houston, Texas 77270
SNAP Houston Mobile Clinic 713-520-2337

Harris County - Houston, Texas 77277
Homeless Pet Placement League 713-862-7387

Polk County - Livingston 77351
SPCA of Polk County 936-967-2287

Montgomery County - Conroe, TX 77385
Montgomery County Animal Control 936-442-7738

Galveston County - La Marque 77568
Saving Animals' Animal Alliance Clinic 409-933-1600

Jefferson County - Beaumont 77707
Life Force Operation Spay 409-838-0072

Bexar County - San Antonio, Texas 78207
Animal Resource Center 210-351-7729

Bexar County - San Antonio, Texas 78209
Spay/Neuter Assistance Program II 713-862-3863

Bexar County - San Antonio 78212
SNAP San Antonio Mobile Clinic 210-673-7722

Bexar County - San Antonio 78217
Animal Defense League 210-655-1481

Hays County - Kyle 78640
PAWS (Public for Animal Welfare Shelter) 512-268-1611

Williamson County - Leander 78641
Humane Society of Williamson County 512-260-3602

Travis County - Austin, Texas 78702
EmanciPet Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic 512-587-SPAY

Travis County - Austin, Texas 78702
EmanciPet Free Spay/Neuter Program 512-587-SPAY

Travis County - Austin, Texas 78702
EmanciPet Spay/Neuter Clinic 512-587-7729

Travis County - Austin 78723
Animal Trustees of Austin Spay/Neuter Clinic 512-450-0111

If you find any of the above spay/neuter information is incorrect,
or if you know another low-cost clinic to recommend, please
call Rescue Me! at 1-800-800-2099 with this information.
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